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Please see below information regarding works on Howden Marsh and a letter sent to residents:

The works that have been undertaken on the Marsh this week are a combination of opening up the drain side that runs from St Johns Street along the northern boundary of the nature reserve to Selby Road so that the drain can be cleaned out and connected to Marsh Drain along with general H&S requirements regards unsafe willow trees. 

There are at least 2 surface water drain systems that run into this drain that cause flooding in parts of the Marsh due to the lack of maintenance of the drain and one of the surface water drain connections is causing problems further up the system as it can't flow into the blocked drain.

There is a need for a 6m easement alongside the drain in question to allow an excavator to open up and keep the drain clear in future. The trees, largely willow that were in the way were removed by an excavator with a tree snip attachment. It was safer and more cost effective to use this machine than to bring in a gang of tree surgeons, tractors and winches to do the same works.

The willows have been observed over recent years as being in a poor and unsafe condition.

Work started in 2018/19 to fell the willows growing alongside the boardwalk at St Johns Street entrance to the Marsh. This was undertaken by hand and volunteers. Unfortunately, wet weather and covid restrictions prevented any further works from being undertaken. The re-growth in this area was within the first year and it has created a new habitat for the wildlife.

The willows that have been taken down were either leaning towards public paths/boardwalks/the pond/across the drain towards private property, had become too large for the location they were in, had split, uprooted, had signs of rot or were infected with fungus, or a combination of all.

All of the willow taken out alongside the boardwalk had fallen over from further back in the reserve, re-rooted and started to grow sidewards. On a regular basis they had to be cut back from the side of the boardwalk to prevent injuring members of the public.

Some of the larger trunks have been left to either re-sprout or die back giving a new habitat for the insects and birds - standing dead trees. The trees that were felled at ground level will re-sprout and have a coppice growth to them, similar to the re-growth at St Johns Street entrance.

As well as making the area safer and opening up the access to the drain, the works will encourage a better age and height structure to the tree habitat. The works will encourage the other native trees that are already growing but were being restricted by the faster growing willow to get hold and become the dominant trees. The open areas will flourish next summer with new vegetation and young saplings that will now have the space to grow.

There is also the opportunity to plant more appropriate trees for the site and the wildlife.

Consideration has got to be given to the fact that all that you see on the Marsh is manmade, as there were no trees on the site prior to the mid-1980s, therefore man must manage the site both for wildlife but also safety.

The Town Council holds the lease to the Marsh and has a legal responsibility for its H&S.

As it happens the brash piles that have been left will create excellent habitats for breeding and feeding birds, insects, hedgehogs, small mammals etc. in the years to come as the areas under the willows were a very poor habitat in comparison.

The works do look extreme, but the site will 'flourish' very quickly as has been seen where other willows have been felled in the past and the regrowth of willow can be managed more easily in future.

The advice on the works undertaken and across the site in general is given by one of the councillors who has over 42yrs hands on experience of countryside site management.

The letter below has been sent to residents around Howden Marsh specifically on Blakey's Crossing to let them know of urgent tree works required on Howden Marsh to alleviate flooding, to install a new drain and get rid of some dangerous trees:

Dear resident,

Howden Town Council, with the support of the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board, will be opening up the drain that runs from St John's Street to Selby Road along the northern boundary of Howden Marsh Local Nature Reserve. This drain will take the ever-increasing amount of surface water from St John's Street area and also from Blakey’s Crossing.

A new connection will be opened up to allow this drain to discharge into Marsh Drain near Selby Road. The opening up of this drain will require a route being cleared along the southern side of the drain. All trees and obstacles in the way of this route and the drain will be removed before the drain is opened again. Other trees, mainly willow that are either at risk of falling towards residential properties or across the public boardwalk, will also be removed where possible. It will not take long for the stumps to start to regrow again giving a new natural structure and height to this area of the reserve. The work will be starting in early December.

The Town Council have submitted their agreed response to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Draft Local Plan Update. The document can be seen below

Forward Planning Response


Howden Post Office 

The Howden Post Office has reopened in the Dove House Hospice Shop, Market Place, Howden. It is available Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm. 


Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for 2020/2021 

Under the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 the Town Council has prepared Accounting Statements for the year ended March 31st 2021 in the form required by proper practices (AGAR). A copy of the AGAR and related documentation can be found on the Documents page of the website.





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